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Slugbuster I
Service & Support

Click here to download technical information for Slugbuster I. This PDF includes details on testing, inserting sample coins and adjusting selectivity.

Caution!! Do not tamper with the nuts and screws covered in blue sealer. Doing so will void your warranty and negatively affect the performance of your Slugbuster.

We can fix almost any Slugbuster for you!
If the toubleshooting tips above don't solve the problem, call us at 616-784-6500 or 800-752-0762 to arrange for repairs. We charge a maximum of $65 for repairs on almost any model Slugbuster, no matter how old it is!

Mail it to us at the address below and include a written description of the problem for fastest service. Without a description of the problem, it will take us longer to fix your unit, IF we can find the problem.

Mail your Slugbuster to:
Repair Department
Parker Engineering & Manufacturing
11 North Park Street
Grand Rapids, MI 49544

Contact us with any questions:
Phone: 800-752-0762 or 616-784-6500
Fax: 616-784-6501
Email: info@slugbuster.com


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