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Slugbuster III
Service & Support

Click here for technical information on Slugbuster III. This PDF details coin installation, hook-up and wiring and programming.

Caution!! Do not tamper with the nuts and screws covered in blue sealer. Doing so will void your warranty and negatively affect the performance of your Slugbuster.

Slugbuster is not accepting coins and/or the display reads 'OFF'
- Check the coin path for jammed coins
- Make sure the wires are connected properly
     - Yellow wire connects to +24 VAC hot
     - Black wire connects to -24 VAC common
     - Blue wire connects to 8 VDC coin switch
     - Purple wire connects to 24 VAC optional counter
- Make sure there is a 24 VAC connected to your Slugbuster
- Make sure there are 2 different coins in the sample holders
- Make sure there are no broken wires on the power cord, sample and/or sending coils

Coins are jammed inside
- Loosen the two screws below the coin sample holder and the two screws to the right of the sample holder. Very carefully pry apart the clear and the black panel a little bit so the coin falls out. Replace the screws.
- Using a hack saw blade that has no teeth, carefully slide it down the top of the coin slot, working it around to push out the jammed coins.

Too many credits are given for quarters, dollars or tokens
- Check to see if coin is in the appropriate sample holder
- If you don't use a token or dollar, you can use a nickel in the token sample holder, however, there must be a dollar in the sample holder so the Slugbuster can tell the difference between the quarter and dollar. Simply turn 'off' the dollar channel.
- Make sure the unit is programmed correctly (see below)

No credit is given for coins
- In the coin chute, within and behind the electronic box, there is an 'eye' which sees the coin go through the chute. If sun light goes down the chute, it will blind the eye. The best thing to do is put a rag or other object to block the light from the eye.

Programming your Slugbuster
- Push and hold the 'program' button until you see "A .25" on the display; this shows the increments of the coin value.
- Push 'program' again and you'll see "B.25" on the display; this shows the value of channel 1 (the sample  holder closest to the face plate)
- Push 'program' again and you'll see "C 2.00" which is the value of channel 2 (the middle sample holder)
- Push 'program' again and you'll see "D 1.00" which is the value of channel 3 (the far-right sample holder)
- Push 'program' again and you'll "A" on the display followed by numbers, this tells you how many coins have gone through channel 1. Pushing 'program' again will show you "B" and the number of coins going through channel 2. Push 'program' again for "C" and the number of coins passing through channel 3.
- When you're done programming your Slugbuster, push and hold the 'program' button until the little red light flashes in the middle of the display and you'e done.

We can fix almost any Slugbuster for you!
If the toubleshooting tips above don't solve the problem, call us at 616-784-6500 or 800-752-0762 to arrange for repairs. We charge a maximum of $65 for repairs on almost any model Slugbuster, no matter how old it is!

Mail it to us at the address below and include a written description of the problem for fastest service. Without a description of the problem, it will take us longer to fix your unit, IF we can find the problem.

Mail your Slugbuster to:
Repair Department
Parker Engineering & Manufacturing
11 North Park Street
Grand Rapids, MI 49544

Contact us with any questions:
Phone: 800-752-0762 or 616-784-6500
Fax: 616-784-6501
Email: info@slugbuster.com


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