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Slugbuster III
Electronic Two or Three-Coin Acceptors

Slugbuster III, Model P-82
Two-Coin Acceptor
  • Single slot, patented Dual Coin Comparator
  • Accepts US quarters and US dollars

Slugbuster III, Model P-83
Three-Coin Acceptor
  • Single slot, patented Triple Coin Comparator matches any of 3 samples while rejecting virtually all other coins and slugs
  • Individual sensiticity adjustment for each coin channel
  • Accepts US quarters and dollars, tokens, Canadian and Foreign coins
  • Water resistant and sealed to prevent damage
  • Low maintenance with a simple mechanical design with only one moving part and no mechanical adjustments
  • Non-jamming with a new coin chute design
  • Chassis opens to provide clear access to coin path
  • Returns all rejected coins and returns coins inserted during a power outage
  • Electronic coin switch credits each accepted coin with no mechanical micro switch needed

All Slugbuster III models feature:

  • A full, 2-year warranty - click here for details
  • Rugged stainless steel and ABS plastic for years of dependable service
  • Easy LED display programming
  • Retrofit to older models
  • Long or short drop
  • Standard or E/Z open chassis
  • Design makes it virtually "unstringable"
  • Adjustable selectivity for fine tuning to reject problem slugs
  • Built-in coin switch
  • Water resistant

Retrofit the Slugbuster III to older models!
You can retrofit your old Slugbuster I or II with this new technology. Most older models will accept the Slugbuster III upgrade. The following faceplate sizes are available:
- 5" x 2.6" faceplate for German and English roll down models
- 7-5/8" x 2" faceplate for Ginsan, Coin Mech, Mark VII and Slugbuster I and II
- 6" x 2" faceplate for Questar models

Coin Compatibility
Not all coins are compatible with these coin acceptors. Token size for the US is limited to 1.125" diameter. Please contact us for more information.

Check out Slugbuster I and Slugbuster II

Contact us with questions and to order your Slugbuster
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